LiverMultiScan Publications

Associations Between Quantitative MRI Metrics and Clinical Risk Scores in Children and Young Adults With Autoimmune Liver Disease

Author: McCrary, J., Trout, A. T

Journal: McCrary, J., Trout, A. T

Publication Year: 2022

Volume/Issue: Advance online publication

Associations between MRI T1 mapping, liver stiffness, quantitative MRCP, and laboratory biomarkers in children and young adults with autoimmune liver disease.

Author: Mahalingam, N., Trout, A. T., Gandhi, D. B., Sahay, R. D., Singh, R., Miethke, A. G., Dillman, J. R.

Journal: Abdominal Radiology

Publication Year: 2022

Volume/Issue: 47(2)

Pages: 672–683

Quantitative MR in Paediatric Patients with Wilson Disease: A Case Series Review

Author: Janowski, K., Shumbayawonda, E., Kelly, M., Ferreira, C., Pronicki, M., Grajkowska, W., Naorniakowska, M., Pawliszak, P., Chełstowska, S., Jurkiewicz, E., Banerjee, R., Socha, P.

Journal: Children

Publication Year: 2022

Volume/Issue: 9(5)

Pages: 613

Precision medicine for liver tumours with quantitative MRI and whole genome sequencing (Precision1 trial): study protocol for observational cohort study

Author: Welsh, F. K., Connell, J. J., Kelly, M., Gooding, S., Banerjee, R., Rees, M.

Journal: BMJ Open

Publication Year: 2022

Volume/Issue: 12(4)

Pages: e057163