See your liver like never before

LiverMultiScan provides three metrics in one single scan that represent the amount of fibro-inflammation, fat, and iron in your liver.

LiverMultiScan is the only technology measuring cT1, which can assess disease before it’s too late, provide your doctor with the information to help determine appropriate treatment, and aid in monitoring liver disease.2,3­

  • Easy-to-read report
  • No needles
  • Short breath-holds
  • 15 minutes total procedure

See how it works

An image can change everything. Learn how LiverMultiScan gives you the whole picture of liver health.


Take control of your health

Chronic liver disease is often a silent condition and can cause serious complications. Early detection is key to reversing the disease before it’s too late. LiverMultiScan may help your doctor create a treatment plan aimed at potentially reversing liver disease.

I can thoroughly recommend it as a diagnostic tool, especially compared to an invasive biopsy. It is just a quick scan.

LiverMultiScan Patient

It's my body and I'm doing whatever I do to it - so I want to be a partner. Whatever you [the doctor] know, I want to know as well.

LiverMultiScan Patient2

The visual clarity of the report is stunning and easy to understand.

LiverMultiScan Patient2